How To Set up the Power BI Yearly Cost Escalation Excel Workbook

As we continue to implement new features to the Power BI Dashboard, here is a new method to show how to do an escalation using the Excel Template.

In this article we will cover the two setup options:

1. Standard Estimator Power BI setup - you will need the Yearly Cost Index file attached to the article.

2. Hosted Estimator Power BI set up - the Yearly Cost Index is built into the Cost History Dashboard file.

Standard Estimator Power BI Setup 

The Yearly Cost Index file should be saved to a shared location where the main Power BI file can have access.

To change the location of this file launch the dashboard using the Desktop version of Power BI:

Hosted Estimator Power BI setup 

In the hosted environment, the Yearly Cost Index file is built within the Cost History Dashboard in the form of a table. To edit that file follow the instructions in the video below. 

Note: The changes have to be done in the Desktop version of Power BI before being updated to the Workspace (Online Power BI) where the file will reside because only the Online version has access to the database info. 

Once the Dashboard is updated, here are the instructions on how to use the Yearly Cost Index file with the Cost History Dashboard.