How To Print Your Takeoff

Printing from the takeoff view runs a dev express report with the image of the pdf and the drawn takeoff embedded in it. If the resolution of the loaded pdf is different from the default, it won't fit on the report and you may have to select the right paper size. 

To print the takeoff in your estimate, go to the Report tab, click the Show Legend, and click Print or Print Preview. 

As we continue to update the takeoff printing, there are some ways to get the takeoff to print better if the quality of Estimator is not clear enough. 

You can always use your Snipping tool (Windows application) or another third-party tool like SnagIt and simply screenshot your view. 

A Takeoff Report is installed on any new user's machine during the initial installation of the DESTINI Estimator. This will allow you to run a report that is essentially the same as your Takeoff Summary.

Print 2D via Reports Menu
You can also export a screengrab of your takeoff using the Reports tab inside the Takeoff View.

Takeoff Summary

The takeoff summary can be copied by selecting all or using Ctrl+A and then clicking Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V and pasting the data in Excel.