Downloads: Standard Report File Templates

A centralized location for users to download all standard report files and Estimate View Excel Report templates

This page serves as a central location to download all of Beck Technology's Report file deliverables. This includes the standard report files and the standard template for Estimate View Excel Reporting.

As DESTINI Estimator is updated, new report files will be released to take advantage of any expanded capabilities and maintain compatibility. Thus, this is a good page to bookmark should you ever need to re-download the newest reports for a new PC or employee or check in for updates that may be released in the future. 

Standard Report Files Download - Updated 07/10/2024

Download Link

Click the link below to open a shared folder and download the latest available reports: 

This link contains the following files: 

  • Standard Report - LMSEO Report.repx
  • Standard Report - Owners Report.repx
  • Standard Report - Self Perform Report.repx


Standard Report Updates - 07/10/2024

Bug Fixes

  1. Incorporate fee calculator changes from Estimator into the reports
  2. Line items sometimes don't roll up due to Unit Cost rounding
  3. Distributed fee without matching line items affects Fee Totals and Fees based on Total Cost fee calculations 


  1. Incorporate new Beck Tech branding into reports

Standard Report Updates - 03/25/2024


  1. Performance improvements to reduce the report runtime. 
  2. Remove unnecessary columns from the WBS filtering view 

Estimate View Excel Report Files Download - NEW

This template is a starting place for customizing your own Excel Export Report from Estimate View. It contains the following sheets:

  • Styles - Names and Descriptions for Excel Styles that Estimator uses to format the exported report
  • Preview - Visual representation of the Styles in a sample 4 Level breakdown from Estimate View
  • Sample Output sheets - contain $$ tokens for Estimator to print data from Estimate View.

Download Link

Click the link below to open a shared folder and download the latest Estimate View Excel Reports: 

This link contains the following files: 

  • Excel Export Template - Owners Report - Level 1.xlsx
  • Excel Export Template - Owners Report - Level 2.xlsx
  • Excel Export Template - Owners Report - Level 3.xlsx
  • Excel Export Template - Owners Report - Level 4.xlsx
  • Excel Export Template - Owners Report.xlsx


Estimate View Excel Reporting Template Updates 11/28/23


  1. Set Row 1 to Repeat on All Pages
  2. Print Total Cost token as part of Excel Reporting Templates

Bug Fixes

  1. Excel Report Templates need to default to the correct Print Area
  2. Estimate Total Styles need to be removed from the Excel Reporting Templates

NOTE: Estimate View Excel Reporting is a new feature within DESTINI Estimator 2023.1.2 and newer. If you would like to view training material for Estimate View Excel Reporting, navigate to your Beck Tech Training Portal and look for the module titled: 'Build an Estimate View Excel Report'.

Report Customization:

If you would like to customize your standard reports, click here to view articles for Branding and Report Customization.