How to Change Your Report's Font And Colors

This article is designed for individuals who want to customize their reports with various colors and fonts.

We simplified this process in our new Standard Reports by setting up Styles. Each Style contains font appearance details, such as Arial, 9.75pt, and style=Bold, and one is assigned to every text field inside our new Standard Reports. We will demonstrate how making changes to a single style will instantly update multiple text fields simultaneously.

Style Before and AfterBefore and After Changing Font and Colors



2-Minute Video



1. Open your report inside the End User Report Designer

2. Inside the Report Explorer on the right side of the screen, locate the Styles section 

Styles Inside Report ExplorerStyles section inside the Report Explorer on the right side of the screen


3. Right-click a Style in the list, and pick Select Controls With Style. This will highlight the linked fields in the Designer section, which is in the middle of the window.

Select Controls With Style

Styles context menu with Select Controls With Style option highlighted.

4. Right-click the Style you want to modify and select Edit Styles

Right Click Style Edit StyleStyles context menu with Edit Styles option highlighted

5. Inside the resulting Styles Editor window, change the appearance of that field using the following steps:

a. Confirm the correct Style is selected on the left

b. Modify the Appearance fields in the main section, based on your company's branding

c. Preview your changes on the bottom

Styles EditorStyles Editor window with Style, Appearance, and Preview sections highlighted.

Style changes are automatically applied to both the Preview in this window and the linked controls in the Designer section behind this window.


6. Repeat Step 5 for each Style you want to modify.

7. Click Close

8. Save and run the report.


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