How to use Property Filters in the Cost History Dashboard

While the Power BI Cost History Dashboard has several default filters, you may want to filter your data by other project properties. Here we will show you how to add in those changes.


1. Open the .pbix file in Power BI Desktop. 

2. Navigate to Fields on the right hand side and select the table FilterProperties.

3. In this table, click on TBA and copy the expression at the top of the screen.

4. In FilterProperties, right click and select New measure.

5. In the expression editor, paste the expression you copied and replace TBA with a relevant name and replace Total Building Area with the name of the property you want to filter by.

6. Click out of the expression editor. 

7. Navigate to the table EstimateSummaryDataDetails

8. Right click and select New column

9. Name the column something relevant (i.e., Total Site Area) and set it to equal the name of the measure we created in step 5. 

10. Ctrl+Click on Attribute Filters. 

11. Copy and Paste the Total Building Area filter to create a new filter (AKA slicer).

12. Navigate to the Visualization pane and remove Total Building Area from the field.

13. Drag in the column we created into Field. 

14. To get this slicer to sync on all pages, we'll need to go to View and select Sync Slicers from the Show Panes section.

15. Select the slicer and select Add and sync with all pages, select the check mark for viewing and de-select Details Tooltip.

16. Select Selection from Show Panes section and drag Slicer from the top into the Attribute Menu grouping on each page.