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How to Add New Column To Report

This article is designed to help individuals with a basic understanding of reporting who are looking to customize their existing reports to better suit their business needs.

We will guide you step-by-step on how to add a new calculated column to a custom report by adding a % of Total column to your Standard Report.

Percentage of Total End Result CroppedNew Column inside Report Preview

6-Minute Video


  1. Open the report inside the End User Report Designer
  2. Launch the Calculated Field Collection Editor
    Edit Calculated Fields
  3. Add a new calculated field for Direct Cost
    Add Calculated Field
    1. Get a Value = ReportableDirectCost_GetValue
    2. Data Manager = table destination for field
    3. Use a descriptive name (i.e. calculatedFieldDirectCost)

Our new Standard Reports have a built-in script called ReportableDirectCost_GetValue. This script computes the Direct Cost of the filtered report, excluding distributed fees.

4.   Repeat Step 3 for Total Cost

a.   Get a Value = ReportableTotalCost_GetValue

b.   Use a descriptive name (i.e. calculatedFieldTotalCost)

Our new Standard Reports have a built-in script called ReportableTotalCost_GetValue. This script computes the Total Cost of the filtered report, including distributed fees.

5.   Inside the Designer, insert columns in ReportHeader, GroupHeader, and/or ReportFooter

Insert Column Cropped

6.   In the GroupHeader, configure a group summary to calculate % of Total

Open Summary Editor

a.   Configure the Summary Editor based on the band type (i.e. Group, Report)

Configure Group Summary

b.   Format as a percentage

7.   Repeat Step 6 for ReportFooter

a.   Summary running = Report

8.   Update the ReportHeader label

9.   Resize columns as needed

10. Save and run the report


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